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2024 Spring Basketball League

U13 (Born 2011 or later)
  U15 (Born 2009-2010)
Highschool (2008 and older)
U11 (Born 2013 or later) 
U13 (Born 2011-2012)
U15 (Born 2009-2010)
Highschool (Born 2008 and older) 


    Welcome to Medicine Hat Golden Hawks Basketball Club. 

    Club basketball is now recognized across the province as the premier vehicle for the development of basketball players. Players are provided more opportunities for participation, development and exposure under the Club system. Since the growth of clubs is expected to continue, a guideline of the steps involved and other items to consider in organizing a club has been prepared for interested communities or individuals.

    It’s important the Clubs are organized with sufficient planning so that they can provide a rewarding and successful experience for all stakeholders.



    The Golden Hawks will work hard striving for exemplary behavior, effort and wanting to be the best at all times.  Every player is important to the team.  They need to be respectful and responsible at all times.  Players, coaches, directors and parents are an important part of the team and must remember the team with their actions.  Nobody is an individual in a team.  Everybody needs to be positive and respectful.

    There is a great deal of satisfaction in playing sports and the idea of winning plays an important role.  Playing to your full potential for the love and passion of the game brings greater rewards than the winning.  Our focus is compete fully prepared, both mentally and physically, play with passion and direction, enjoy each other and look back upon our accomplishments with pride.

    Practice is the way we prepare ourselves for competition.  Not everyday is the same, and not everyday is a good day for players, coaches and parents.  Being happy and positive will make everybody that much brighter.

    The team is a partnership between Coach, Player, and Parent.  All must work together to achieve our goal.

    Coaches Philosophy

    “As a coach you have the tremendous responsibly to teach, guide, and direct in your players the value of team play, sportsmanship and fair play”

    1. Basketball is a team game. Enhance your individual skill within the confines of the team.
    2. Practice hard which leads to playing hard.
    3. Be positive in practice and in games.
    4. Accept criticism and direction as a way to improve.
    5. Respect teammates and officials
    6. Working hard will produce confidence and enjoyment.

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    Golden Hawks Basketball Club

    Phone: 403-878-7369

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    Golden Hawks Basketball Club  
    34 Gray Crescent NW, Medicine Hat, AB  T1A 7C9